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Wild rice is not a rice, its a grain of a wild grass.  Wild rice is prized for its nutty flavor and the texture that it brings to a dish.  The grain ranges in size from 1/2 inch to almost 3 inches and varies in color from deep cream to almost black.  Wild rice is more expensive than white as there is a limited supply. Often cooked separately and then mixed with white or brown rice it is a great accompaniment to poultry, fish and game dishes.

Wild rice must always be washed before cooking, and then must be gently simmered in a ratio of 3 parts stock or water to one part rice for 45 minutes or until the rice blossoms open.  This is when the seed pops open revealing the soft light gray inner parts of the grain.  The use of herbs like thyme, parsley and rosemary often are used in the cooking process to add aroma and flavor.

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