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Pheasant is a sought after and high quality game bird. There are about 50 species of Pheasants. Practically all of them are native to Central Asia, Ukraine, and China. Romans brought the pheasant to Europe. In the United States a variety imported from Shanghai, China in the 19th century as a game bird. 

One of the largest of the game birds weighing about 3 pounds.  The legs of the pheasant take a lot longer to cook than the breast and are often braised separately.

Farm raised pheasant   One pheasant usually serves two people.  Roasting and smoking are the most popular methods of preparation. Farm raised are consistently tender and have a more delicate flavor  than wild pheasant and are sold oven-ready both fresh and frozen.. Young pheasant are harvested at 6 to 8 weeks, while adult pheasant are harvested at 18 to 24 weeks.

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