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Salami  General classification for highly seasoned dry sausage with a characteristic fermented flavor.

Cotto Salami A cooked mildly flavored Italian salami. 

Yildig Salami An all beef salami similar to Cotto Salami

German Salami Less highly flavored and more heavily smoked than Italian salami and contains Garlic.

Hungarian Salami  More heavily smoked and less highly flavored than Italian salami

Italian Salami   Genoa, Milano Sicilian, southern Italian, etc. principally cured lean pork coarsely chopped and some cured finely chopped lean beef, frequently moistened with red wine or grape juice, flavored with garlic and various spices, stuffed into large casings, and air dried.

Sicilian Salami Calabrese and Lola are the two types of this Italian style salami

Sabayon Saccharin Sago Saignant Saisir Salamander Salami Salami Cotto Salami German Salami Hungarian Salami Italian Salami Sicilian Salami Yildig Salmis Salpicon Salsiccia Sarno Saucer Saumure Saupoudrer Sauter Sautoir Saveloy Savories Scampi Score Sear Sec Semolina Serdelki Serdelowa Shallot Shellfish Simple Sugar Skewer Sorbet Sorbetiere Soubise Souffle Souffle Glace Souffler Souper Sous Chef Souse Soybean Spatzel Spice Sachet Spit Springform Steamer Steep Stilton Stock Strassburg Sausage Suet Supreme Swede Sweetbread Syllabub

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