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Papillote 1. A heart-shaped piece of kitchen parchment paper in which fish or other delicate foods are placed, with the ingredients for dressing or sauce; the paper is folded over and crimped on the edges; the packets are baked or deep-fried.  In the modern kitchen aluminum foil is often used..  The packets are opened tableside in front of the guest. 
A paper frill used to cover a cop bone of a chicken supreme.

Paella Pain Pamplemousse Pan Fry Panade Paner Papillote Parer Parfait Parfumer Parmentier Parures Passer Pasta Pasty Pate Pate A Choux Patisserie Patite Marmite Paupiette Paysanne Pepperoni Pesto Petit Dejeuner Petits Fours Petits Pois Piccata Pie Pignoli Piler Piquant Piquer Plats Du Jour Pocher Poeler Poisson Poivrande Polenta Polish Sausage Polyphenols Pomme Pomme de Terre Port du Salut Pot Au Feu Potage Praline Preparer Printaniere Profiteroles Prosciutto Provencale PSI Pulpe Puree

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