Head Cheese


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Head Cheese:  Meat made from the edible portion of a hog's head that is cured, including cheek and temple meat, skins, snout and upper lips.  The pork tongue may be included.  After cooking the contents are chopped and mixed with the jellied stock that they were cooked in.  Pork hearts are sometimes included but the original headcheese included only the "head" meats. When put in casing they are about 4 inches in diameter

Ingredients: Cured pork tongue. Pork Snouts
Seasoning:  Caraway, coriander, dextrose, mustard, red pepper, salt, sage and thyme.

Hacher Haggis Haricots Verts Haricots Hasenpfeffer Head Cheese Helvella Hollandaise Holsteiner Cervelat Hominy Grits Hors d oeuvre Huile Hungarian Kolbase Huttres

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