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[dry sausage]
(Sp) Spanish-type spiced sausage made from coarsely chopped prime pork and beef.  It is seasoned with Spanish pimiento which gives the sausage a fine flavor, and a bright appetizing appearance  The meat is  highly seasoned to the point that it is hot to the palate.  

Chorizos are a lightly smoked and dried sausage popular in Spanish, Portuguese and Mexican areas. Mixture is stuffed into hog casings, and linked in 4-in. lengths. Links are not twisted, but tied off with string. Chorizos are also tied in l-in. links, giving the appearance of a string of brightly colored balls. The size is similar to frankfurters

Seasonings may include garlic.

Calorie Cambridge Pork Sausage Camenbert Canadian Bacon Canapes Canard Candied Cannele Cannellone Capers Capon Cappicola Caramel Carcasse Cardoon Carre Cassata Cassolette Cassonade Caul Caviar Celestine Cepes Cerises Cervelat Cervelles Champignon Chanterelle Chantilly Cream Chapelure Charcuterie Chateaubriand Chaud Chaud Froid Chef de Cuisine Chef de Partie Chemiser Cheshire Chevrueil Chianti Chicory Chiffonade Chiles Chinois Chipolata Chiqueter Chorizo Choux Paste Churrasco Chutney Cilantro Ciseller Citron Civet Clarifier Cloute Cocotte Cognac Cointreau Coller Concasser Conde Condiment Confit Consomme Coq Au Vin Coquille Coral Cornet Corser Coulis Coupe Court Bouillon Couscous Cream Crepe Crepinette Croissant Croquant Croustade Croustadine Croutons Crudites Crustaceans Cuisine Curacao Cut-in

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