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Bologna [cooked, smoked sausage] A finely-cut sausage, generally stuffed into large casings, but other shapes are also made  Next to frankfurters the most popular sausage.  Cured beef and pork finely ground seasonings similar to franks, smoked, cooked and ready to serve. Quality bologna is carefully mixed and stuffed to give a uniform color and even texture free of air bubbles. "Regular" bologna is always a blend of beef and pork, but an all-beef style is gaining in popularity. Garlic, a typical spice in either version, is a more prominent flavor in all beef bologna.  

Ring Bologna is packed into casings about 2 in. in diameter, and cut into pieces of about 1 lb. Ends are tied together forming horseshoe shape or "ring".

Chub Bologna A very smoothly blended bologna mixture of beef, pork and smoked bacon is processed in 1.1b. units in plastic wrap "tubes." An especially convenient style to slice for snacks.

Ingredients: Beef and pork, or all beef. Some processors may also use dry milk solids, cereals.

Seasonings: Black pepper, cloves, coriander, garlic, . ginger, nutmeg.

Availability: Undoubtedly the most popular, cold, sliced meat. General distribution.

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