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Bockwurst [fresh sausage ] A very perishable, sausage-like delicacy, typically identified with Easter-time. Traditionally, it is made in the spring during the bock beer season, from which it acquires its name. Generally contains a larger percentage of veal than pork along with milk, chives, eggs, and chopped parsley.   The ingredients are finely chopped, and stuffed into wide, sheep rounds. The links, 5 in. in length, are light colored. Bockwurst is seasoned similar to franks and the links are the approximate size of small franks.  Although there sausages are scalded or parboiled they should be cooked thoroughly through before serving.

Ingredients: Freshly ground pork and veal, milk. May also include raw egg.

Seasonings: Chopped green onions or chives, cloves, ground mace, parsley, sage, white pepper .

Availability: Very limited distribution because of perishability.

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