Not For Profit Leadership

         The World Association of Cooks Societies, President, 1992-1996

1992 elected as president by 58 member countries and 3.5 million members. Served on the International Board for a total of 12 years and increased country membership by 20 percent.

         The American Culinary Federation, President, 1991-1993

Served on the National Board for a total of 10 years, led the National Office reorganization, centralized billing, new officer election terms and procedures and increased membership by four thousand to twenty eight thousand members.

         National US Culinary Olympic Team, Team Manager

Selected by the NRA/ACF Culinary Olympic Foundation to establish new national tryout procedures, train and take the Culinary Team USA into international competitions and world championships each year. Raised 1.5 million dollars from foodservice suppliers each term to support the mission. Team USA won 3 all around world championships and 2 all around second place finishes in the 8 years.

         National Pork Producers Food Service Board of Directors, 2004- present

         Produce Marketing Association, Member of the Food Service Board of Directors, 1996 2000

         Ocean Trust,  Chairman of the Board,  1997-1999