Mole Rojo 


YIELD:  3 quarts
Amount Measure Ingredients 
oz.  Chile Guajillo (about 11) 
oz. Chile Pasilla (about 7) 
oz.  Chile Ancho (about 5) 
Cups  Chicken Stock
Cloves  Garlic 
1 Tsp.  Dried Oregano
1/4  Cup  Onion, White Diced
1 Tbsp.  Masa Harina
  to taste Black Pepper
  to taste Salt 

The method is pretty much the same for all moles, except for the verde. Remove stems, veins and seeds from the chilies. Then rinse and place the dried chile skins, garlic and onion in boiling-stock, or boiling water to soften for about 20 minutes. Toast any spices then grind to a powder. Place half the softened chile skins in a blender, along with garlic, onion and spices add enough of the stock to puree. Run chile mixture through a sieve and add remaining skin from sieve back into the blender, with the other half of the chilies and repeat process. Place mole and ground seeds in a heavy sauce pan with a masa slurry if needed and remaining stock, and place over medium heat, scraping the bottom so not to scorch.

Let the sauce reduce to desired thickness. At this point, the sauce may be fried in a little oil for a richer flavor, or thinned with stock for soups or stews.