Mole Poblano Picante 

Puebla Style Hot Mole  

YIELD:  9 portions
Amount Measure Ingredients 
ea Ancho Mulato Chiles
1/8  Teaspoon  Canela, ground
ea Ancho Rojo Chiles
1/2  Teaspoon  Coriander Seeds, ground
ea Pasilla Chiles
1/4  Teaspoon  Anise Seeds, ground
8 Pound  Turkey, fricassee
1/2  Cup  Dark Raisins
Tablespoons  Oil or Lard
Large  Ripe Tomatoes, chopped
Tablespoons  Sesame Seeds
ea Chipotles en Adobo
Tablespoons  Adobo Sauce 
1 ea White Onion, chopped
2 oz.  Un-sweetened Chocolate
Cloves  Garlic, chopped
1 ea Corn Tortilla, toasted crisp and crushed
1 Cup  Blanched Almonds, ground 
1/8  Teaspoon  Ground Cloves 
1-1/2  Teaspoon  Honey
  to taste  Salt
  to taste  Black Pepper
In a stock pot, add turkey and barely cover with cold water; bring to a boil; skim and add salt to taste; simmer for one hour or until turkey is fully cooked. Let turkey cool in broth.

Remove stems and seeds from dried chilies, tear up into pieces; place chilies in enough water to cover. Bring to a boil; then simmer for 20 minutes or until chilies are very soft. Let chilies cool in cooking water. Remove chilies from water and place in blender or processor, adding enough turkey broth to puree, puree; the chilies and push through a fine strainer and reserve Chile sauce, discarding skins.

In a sauté pan over medium high heat, add 2 tablespoons of oil. When oil is hot but not smoking, add drained and dried turkey pieces and fry until brown: Remove browned turkey from oil and place in serving casserole. To the hot sauté pan, add onion, garlic, crushed tortilla, ground almonds, anise seeds, canela, ground coriander, raisins, two tablespoons of the sesame seeds, tomatoes, and chipotle chilies; then fry until items are cooked about 5 minutes. Add more oil if needed. Add chile puree and simmer until slightly reduced. Add 2 cups of turkey broth, chocolate, honey to chile mixture and cook over very low heat, until chocolate has melted. Place mole over fried turkey and cook over lowest possible heat for one hour, stirring occasionally, or chocolate will scorch; check seasoning and add black pepper and salt to taste. The mole should be the consistency of heavy cream. If too thick, thin mole with a little turkey broth. Sprinkle with remaining sesame seeds and serve.

The turkey can be replaced with chicken, pork or beef if desired.