Mole Base Dried Chile Sauce


YIELD: 1 qt
Amount Measure Ingredients 
 12  ea Chiles either Ancho, or Chile California, or New Mexico Chile, or Chile Pasilla
18    Chile either Cascabel, or Puya or Chipotle 
Cups  Cold Water
This method will give you a pure chili sauce using only one type of dried chili. However chilies may be cooked and blended together to add a depth of flavor

Keep chili types separate!!! Follow recipe for each type of chili. Remove stems and seeds and veins from chilies. Tear chilies into pieces. Place chili in saucepan; add cold water; place on high heat; bring to boil, then reduce to simmer. Simmer for 15 minutes, remove from heat and let cool for 10 minutes to one hour .

Remove chilies from pan and place in blender, reserving liquid. Taste liquid, if it is bitter, use plain water. Place enough water or cooking liquid to cover chilies. Place a kitchen towel on lid and hold down to prevent steam from escaping- Pulse blender off and on, then puree chilies; add more water if necessary .Remove chili sauce from blender and strain through fine sieve or cheese cloth into a clean container. The pure chili sauce should be the constancy of ketchup.