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Poultry parts have become increasingly popular with the consumer and restaurateur. Some people prefer all white meat, and the all breast pack serves this need. For those who prefer all dark meat, drumsticks, thighs, or whole leg packs serve the purpose. Parts are versatile. They are especially popular in specialty dishes and are ideal for barbecuing. A ready-to-cook carcass which has a defect may be graded after the defective portion has been removed, and the fact that a portion of the carcass has been removed will not be considered in determining the quality of the balance of the carcass, if the remaining portion of the carcass is to be disjointed and packed as parts in the official plant where graded. Specific grade standards have been established for parts, and provision made for parts after they have been cut from the carcass, providing the class is known, the parts are not misshapen and have nearly the same appearance as they had prior to cutting from the carcass. Specific requirements for parts are set forth in the "Fleshing" categories for Grade A and Grade B ready-to-cook poultry.

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